A moment of Change

It has come….that time of year again. The time of change when we are shown all the glory and magnificent beauty nature holds. With colors untold, a feast for the eyes. Thrilling smells of adventure drifting on the new winds rustling through the crisp leaves.  Animals scurrying about preparing for the winter months they know are coming. A time when our mind wanders down those leaf filled paths, walking for miles never getting hot or tired. Its those moments when that perfect breeze blows your hair back making you want to lift your arms and let it blow all the troubles and worries right out of your soul.

I have always felt a sense of rebirth during the fall. It brings out a new side of adventure that lurks dormant all summer long. There is something magical about fall….When the world around you shows you just how precious life is and how quickly things can change without warning. It is a time to embrace those situations in nature and your life. If the earth isn’t the perfect example of how to let things go, move on, embrace change, reflect both internally and externally.

A time to slow down and take a good look around you and how you are affecting your life. We are always so concerned about how others affect us, we forget how much of an impact we ourselves have on our daily life. We are the rein holders, where we go is up to us. How much we succeed, fail, pursue, learn, and conquer is all in our hands. We have no one to blame but ourselves for the lack of change that may or may not be going on in our lives.

It is the time today…not tomorrow to make sure you are taking responsibility for all your success and failures.  Knowing all along that you can make a change….make a difference….be happy.  If we are not secure and content with ourselves alone on that path, absorbing the quiet and oneness with nature, how can we possibly function in the crazy society that is today.

I bid you all a happy fall day. Reflect and meditate in the seasons change. Embrace what you see around you and inside of you. Take that time today, for we are given only one day at a time, waste not those precious moments.

~Happy Fall~

We Are Hiring!

I am looking for a few highly motivated people to join my crew and become a part of the team that makes the yards shine to their greatest potential in the Hayden, Coeur d’Alene, Post Falls and Liberty Lake areas.

Emerald Finish offers the highest quality of work with absolute attention to detail to every plant that is in the yard. It isn’t just a weeding service. Each plant, shrub, and tree is cared for with the utmost respect. Our clients trust us to make their yards everything they dream it could be, and keep it that way all season.

Our services include weeding, pruning, cleaning flower beds, dead-heading, raking and debris removal for spring, summer, and fall. Small design work and installations available upon request and vary depending upon availability. We pay attention to plants irrigation, diseases, and structures making sure they are all getting the care they need. We do not have a chemical license but we know the best in the business to recommend if there is a disease that needs addressed, or a tree removed.

We work in all weather conditions, and don’t get sick days or benefits. We are a special breed of people willing to face everything nature has up its sleeve each day.

There will be a trial period, followed by an evaluation of work provided to the clients. Wages will be set for the first year, depending upon performance and dedication; reevaluations will be made the following year of all returning workers. Emerald Finish requires a background check and solid references. Plant knowledge is a must as well as having transportation that can haul away debris. Workers must provide their own tools for maintenance.  It will be a strict screening process.

All applicants must be able to: (training available)

Pay attention to detail

Listen to the clients’ needs

Know plant material

Remove debris and haul it to the dump

Identify plant issues

Be safety cautious

Work in all weather

Have the appropriate gear and tools

Listen and follow boss’s instructions

Dedicate to the team!

This is not a short-term work opportunity. It takes time to learn and train. I expect all new members of the team to be in it for the better of the company, themselves and a long term dedication. It is a great opportunity to work a flexible schedule, make good money and do something you love.

If you are ready to take the journey down a very rewarding path then please inquire about becoming a part of the Emerald Finish team.

Contact Ellen Email: Emeraldfinish@gmail.com

The Next Level

When I first decided to start Emerald Finish, I knew the road was going to be long and hard with many ups and downs.  In the beginning, I was working a full time job at a private estate where I was the head gardener and greenhouse manager. It was where I acquired my passion for growing and was completely submerged into a landscape.

My boss, Anna, and I worked closely together and had a level of respect for one another that surpassed boss employee standards. We quickly became family. The yard became my own to care for, nurture, and mold above and beyond. Over the last 5 years, I have learned so much about myself and what I am capable of. Anna has always supported me in all of my endeavors and encouraged me to keep pushing Emerald Finish forward, even if it meant not being at her house as often.

This year her house has sold and she is moving. It is a sad but necessary change. It wasn’t until just recently that it sunk in that I wasn’t going to be growing annuals, veggies, dahlias, begonias and perennials. No babying them, singing to them, watching them mature, no planting, no hands in the dirt. It was a bittersweet feeling that honestly made me pretty sad. Not to mention I was out of a permanent employer, no security net.

This is where having a network of incredible people is extremely important. In this line of work, having trustworthy fellow Gardeners/Growers/Landscapers and having a solid reputation is the key to success. Plus the personal drive and motivation it takes to get up each day at 4am and take care of all things growing under the sun.  Through a great friend of mine Kari, owner of The Greenhouse, I was introduced to The Gozzer Ranch and will be working for them each spring.  That is a blessing since I am no longer with Anna.

This is the year that Emerald Finish will be moving to the next level. I will be meeting with a close friend and client that will be mentoring me on how to take it there. The goal for this year is to get a few trustworthy people working for me. That is a bigger feat than you would think. What we do is not easy and is not for everyone. There is sacrifice of self. Your body is exhausted, sore, and exposed to every element Idaho can throw at it from March to November. There are no sick days, paid time off, and no paid benefits. Why do I do it then…..well I would rather work for myself and take joy in what my mind and hands can accomplish. Putting my hand in the dirt each day, molding a landscape to become a work of art, and seeing happy clients look at their yard in awe. That is why I do it. I love my job. Being in this field is the first time I have felt successful at what I do. It has been my life for the past 9 years. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

The next level starts with weeding through countless people to see who has what it takes to uphold the Emerald Finishes High end detailed quality grooming and Finish work.  I have high standards for myself and work, and hold myself personally accountable for every plant on a client’s property. I can’t control nature, so I give myself a break if it wreaks havoc on plants during the season. Some things are out of my control, and all you can do is pray it all works out. J

I take great joy in my work. Each day I am humbled by all that has happened so far and how greatly blessed I am to have such amazing clients and friends. Without the amazing network of people, God, and extremely hard work and perseverance I would not be where I am today as an owner of my own business.

This journey has just begun. Let’s see where it goes from here.

If you want to join me, my door is open.

~Get your hands dirty and give back to the soil that your life depends upon~


A Banner Year

Spring is here…Winter finally feels like it has left the building….and

Each year brings with it new adventures and new roads to go down. As we go down these roads, we patiently wait to see what is around each corner with optimism and a willingness to do what needs to be done.

There are many times we feel like the roads just keep getting longer, and the tasks keep piling up. But lo and behold things always get done.

I have been greatly blessed with many challenges and rewarding outcomes along with my journeys of being a working mom and a business owner. The balancing of all this chaos of working a full time job and running my business is critical. We have monthly schedules written out for work, school, fun time, and nightly family time to reconnect.

It is easy to get lost in the stress, and feel like I’m  drowning in all the tasks at hand. What helps me? Schedules, making time for myself, and had It a great support team behind me.

Why do I do it if it’s stressful and hard? It’s simple….. I love my job. I love my clients. I love making a difference in each yard I detail. It is my calling, and my passion. I thank God for each day I get to play with plants and detail gardens. Prayers are answered and my business is flourishing.

My mom said the phrase “It’s going to be a banner year” to me a few months ago. I couldn’t agree more.  Let’s see what this summer has in store. I am ready to walk down the road ahead and tackle all the adventures along the way.

Thank you for everyone who loves and supports me along the way. Thank you to Emily and Molly for being a part of Emerald Finish and being awesome strong women I can count on, who do incredible work. Thank you to my amazing clients for letting me make their yards sparkle.

See you down the road.

Let’s make it A Banner Year!

Garden and be happy