Is spring almost over?


How quickly is summer approaching….where is the time going. The year is almost half over already! We are planning our camping trips and our winter vacation…yikes it is going to fly by.

I am happy to say that the business is going well. I have amazing clients that have gorgeous yards that I get the pleasure of maintaining this year. What a blessing.

It is very rewarding to see the owners happy that they don’t have to worry about their yards for the season. That is why I m here. 🙂



I offer more than just high end cleaning and grooming of the landscape. There is a level of responsibility I have to those plants the earth and everything that crawls and grows.  Making sure it is all happy, pruned and blooming is an everyday accomplishment. Furthermore, ensuring that my clients are informed of any issue, and educated on what can be done to encourage an even more gorgeous yard.

Sometimes I think…why do I do two jobs? Why do I love this career so much? That’s simple….nature will reward you with more than you could ever imagine. Its glorious beauty, astonishing will to thrive, and breath taking power over the soul. Incredible. Bold. Simplicity.

Nature is where I belong. I will play in the dirt forever.

Happy Gardening



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