About Emerald Finish

My name is Ellen and I am the owner of Emerald Finish. I have been in the profession of landscaping, gardening and greenhouse managing for the past 7+ years. I was taught on my feet working at Northland Nursery for 4.5 years. Selling perennials, shrubs and trees along with designing flowerbeds, and landscapes for local home owners was how I got my start. For the past two years I have been the greenhouse manager for a large private estate. Each year I grow over 5,000 annuals, install them, and manicure the flower beds that cover over half of the property with only one other woman at my side helping. It has been a great adventure and lead me to what I my current career is. Having my own business of maintaining gorgeous yards and pushing them to there limits of beauty.

This is my passion. There is nothing better than being outside earning my living making everything beautiful.

Emerald Finish is a  “Quality flower bed grooming, finish work, and High end landscape maintenance” business.